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barz richard   219 days ago

nice one men dis song is dope

Gentle Priest   238 days ago

i be glad to sing with you, but how do i get across to you, just to use your language on my music. i so much love this language. Mail: +2349080700187

Audio5 Production   325 days ago

Have you ever been behind schedule that you had to wear your make-over in the car? This happen of course, so come to think of it, why can’t we pray in the car while on our way out (behind schedule or not). LANRE SINGS christened Akintayo Olanrewaju Timothy has done a make-over box (abi wetin una dey call am). Now when you’re behind schedule you can slot your disk in or play from your phone his new single “AMIN” (My Prayer Song). LANRE in “AMIN” intercedes for you in verse one, Nigeria in verse two, why am I even telling you about this song self, download it and get your intercessor **wink** For bookings: Facebook: Akintayo olanrewaju Timothy Twitter: lanre_akintayo Instagram: lanre_sings 08026406671 Follow Lanre:- @Lanre_sings, his Pr:- @SimplyMhoses DOWNLOAD ...less

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