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    Seborrheic dermatitis natural cure
    by user.156609 » 08 Oct 2017 , 02:17
    In the Phase II trials, Alefacept was administered intravenously or intramuscularly in patients with psoriasis vulgaris 1 time per week for 12 weeks. The improvement observed in these patients lasted about seven to nine months best seborrheic dermatitis shampoo. Later phase III studies were also successful. Among the test persons, a decrease of 75% or more of the PASI resulted in both the injection of the active substance intramuscularly and the intravenous injection group. In the US, Amevive was later sold in two doses - one for intramuscular injection and one for intravenous injection.

    They were treated for 12 weeks with the remedy. Over 1,100 patients participated in the placebo-controlled study. At least 10 percent of her body was covered with psoriasis. The side effects were similar to those of the placebo group. The quality of life also improved. Further studies should clarify the efficacy of Alefacept in psoriasis arthritis. The results of the Phase III study included a publication in progress, which was expected to be published in the course of 2002. For children and adolescents, Alefacept should not be approved at first.

    The advisory body of the US health authority FDA had recommended the approval of Amevive on 23 May 2002. On January 31, 2003, the FDA released Amevive for the US market. Gail M. Zimmermann dermatitis natural treatment, at that time president of the US self-help organization "National Psoriasis Foundation", was then cited as saying: "Amevive could be the greatest progress of the last 20 years in psoriasis therapy." According to his own data, Biogen had spent 15 years researching in Amevive.

    By virtue of the selective mechanism of action, only those immune cells ("activated T cells") which trigger the psoriasis are eliminated according to the manufacturer. In the studies no increased risk of infection was seen. Furthermore, no liver damage, kidney damage and no diarrhea were recorded in the Phase II study. There was also no rebound effect after settling.

    In the case of a newly developed product, it was not yet possible to provide real long-term data. To collect more data, long-term studies at various clinics should also be conducted in Germany. At the latest, information on the admission to the USA was also given on the possible side effects: Two-per cent of the study participants showed side effects. Those were

    Inflammation in the throat dizziness

    to cough nausea

    itching Muscle aches Chills and

    Pain at the injection site of the syringe What, how much, how expensive?

    However, while the preparation with the name Amevive was approved in the USA, it never happened in Germany and Europe: the manufacturer Biogen-Idec postponed the approval several years seborrheic dermatitis natural cure. Background: The European Medicines Agency requested additional information from the company, mainly clinical. Biogen said that the newly requested studies could take "several years".
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